Our Pyrenees Vineyard

Located at the western reach of the Great Dividing Range, the Pyrenees is one of the most naturally beautiful wine regions in Australia. Early settlers called it "the natural garden of Victoria" because of the sub-valleys and lush green rolling hills.

These valleys teemed with gold miners in the 19th century, and as gold became scarce, vineyards were developed. Taltarni led the revitalisation of wine growing in the Pyrenees in the 1960s.

At a latitude of 37ยบ, with soils of red clay, quartz and sandy loam, the Pyrenees region lies in a perfect climatic band for growing grapes. The cool nights and warm days allow for slow ripening and create ideal conditions for crisp sparkling wines.

Taltarni is a picturesque property, with around 97 hectares of vineyards. Described by wine writer Robert Joseph as "one of the most beautiful vineyards on the planet", the rolling hills, sweeping vistas, bluffs and stands of gum trees create a magnificent setting for the production of outstanding wines.

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